Sept06 - Sept08
Manifesto Film Festival Ad
"It is hard to put into few words who we are. We are unlike any other festival you have seen, and I truly mean that. I like to construct a different meaning each year that is relevant in commenting on the zeitgeist. I hand pick programs that reflect the collective consciousness in thought and culture. We take our fun seriously...be prepared to be educated, enlightened and entertained here. No Red Carpet bullshit, volunteers are just as important as our special guests, and everyone is welcome to the parties, the public included. The whole point is interaction, debating, discussing film and media in a very very fun social setting. We are a tribe....once you are alumni...you are always welcome back and we will always support you! This is our third year and we have people coming back from all over the world who were there for the first two...We are passion. We love, breathe and live film. We are here to challenge the status quo and question the establishment... the powers that be. We are here to give voice to as many independent and first time filmmakers that we can as well as embracing those who have had success. We love retrospectively examining a film and understanding why it resonated in that epoch. We love all genres. We love other like-minded passionate people. We love experiences. And I would say our festival is one you must come to experience for yourself...Amsterdam 2019!"
- Alexandra Nakelski

The Manifesto Film Festival is looking for volunteers and Interns! Get some impressive credits for your resume while having a blast doing it!

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