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Manifesto Film Festival Programs

May 27 - Selected Features and Shorts

Experimental Shorts I

Sunday May 27 10:00
Cinema of the Dam'd at 301 Overtoom
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The Closure ( La Veda)
Dir. Paco Chanivet (Spain 2018) 36 min

To the Asháninka People
Dir. Gaëlle Kreens (Germany 2015) 1 min 4sec

Dir. Nicole Chen (New Zealand 2017) 7min 33s

Dir. Zongsheng Fu (China 2017) 16 min

Positive Change

Filmmaker Desislava Kadra in Attendance!
Sunday May 27 11:00
1hr 13min (with Q & A 1hr 30min)
Cinema of the Dam'd at 301 Overtoom
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We always like to support films that offer solutions and not just present problems. It is easy to call something out...quite another to get out there and be pro-active! All art brings change, cinema, painting, music, dance, etc. We endorse it all!

Little Fiel*
Dir. Irina Patkanian (Mozambique, United States 2017) 15min

Down To The Plastic Ocean
Dir. Dan Aguar (USA 2017) 4 min

Get Up Kinshasa!*
Dir. Sébastien Maitre (France, the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2016) 21 min

Dir. Guillaume Versteeg (Netherlands 2018) 4min 38s

Forging Ned Kelly
Dir. Freeman Trebilcock (Australia 2017) 17 min

Fighting for the Wild: The Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary
Dir. Desislava Kadra (UK 2017) 11 min

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

Sunday May 27 11:00
1hr 15min
De Balie
€9/7.50 concession

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Since when did basic human compassion become unfashionable? In my many travels to various festivals across the globe, films with a bit of heart are not at the forefront...being quirky, snarky- cynical and sometime downright mean is trending in themes. Perhaps one could argue that these films merely reflect the current atmosphere; however, I would argue they are merely fortifying it. My mentor who taught me everything I know when we would be screening films would outright tell me if a film "has heart" and it was almost like it was a dirty phrase...something to be guilty about. Or a film that shows kindness is overly sentimental or saccharine...I think it is our responsibility to promote kindness and advocate that it is a sign of strength, not weakness. It is easy (and lazy) to be mean...but difficult to step into another's shoes. You wanna make a difference in this world? You wanna bring change? Start by being kind to those around you, even when it may seem difficult to do so! And if you already are...carry on! - Alexandra Nakelski

The World in Your Window*
Dir. Zoe McIntosh (New Zealand, 2017) 15 min

Are You Volleyball?
Dir. Mohammad Bakhshi (Iran, 2017) 15 min

Dir. Sergio Falchi (Italy, 9min 32s)

Yuna's Lunch
Dir. Myeong Jin Park (USA, 2017) 16 min

Kampung Tapir
Dir. See Wee Aw (Malaysia, 2017) 17min 15s

Cult Mentality

Sunday May 27 12:45
1hr 31min
Cinema of the Dam'd at 301 Overtoom
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They tell you how to think...they tell you what to say...they tell you how to act. Governments, religions, communities, families...all in pursuit of control...of power.

Microcastle (Microcastillo)
Dir. Alejandra Villalba García (Mexico 2016) 22 min

Dir. Roberto Ortiz (Mexico 2017) 17min21s

My Father
Dir. Jean Malek (Canada 2016) 7 min

Don't Pass Through San Bernardino (No Pases Por San Bernadino)
Dir. Hugo Magaña (Mexico 2017) 20min18s

Dir. Lexi Bass (USA 2017) 5min 33s

Each to their Own
Dir. Maria Ines Manchego (New Zealand 2016) 19 min

Images of the City

Filmmakers Tiago Albinski and Patrick Delhougne Attending for Q&A!
Sunday May 27 13:00
1hr 20min with Q&A
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As a film scholar and cinephile I find the city in cinema and in waking life to have a heartbeat all its own. Each has its own vibe, its own feel. Many places also have similar auras about them. One image of the city I have always been fascinated with is the derelict, the forgotten...memories that linger while urban decay sets in. I often found it ironic to see developers grab up untouched areas while the "up and coming" of yesterday lies derelict. Spaces from not but a few decades ago are in shambles looking like they are over 100 years old. The malls of the 70s and 80s are now turning into abandoned ghost towns...strip malls across American suburbia lie vacant and abandoned, a waste of space while new buildings are being built not too far away. Why do we not reuse these spaces? How do they become so dilapidated? These dystopian spaces are forming right under our noses. These shorts testify to the various personalities of these spaces and images of the city. -
Alexandra Nakelski

Forgotten Riverside
Dir. Luis Lobato Macedo (Portugal 2017) 19min 30s

Vemo-nos Depois (See You Later)
Dir. Tiago Albinski (Portugal 2017) 8 min

Gagarin's Tree (Copacul Lui Gagarin)
Dir. Mona Vatamanu /Florin Tudor (Romania 2016) 23 min

The Delmar Divide
Dir. Patrick Delhougne (USA 2018) 7min 20s

We Do What We Must

Shorts in Competition III
Sunday May 27 12:30
1hr 30min
De Balie
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Against all odds we must do what we feel is right, whether it be for mere survival, to express our identity or simply to provide for our kid's outlandish birthday wish. At the end of the day, pleasing any one else is secondary to being true to one's own self.

Dir. Ivan Sainz-Pardo (Spain 2016) 20 min

Get Up Kinshasa!*
Dir. Sébastien Maitre (France, the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2016) 21 min

I Did It In Cancun*-
Dir. Matthieu Moerlen (France 2017) 21min

French* (Le Bleu Blanc Rouge de mes Cheveux)
Dir. Josza Anjembe (France 2017) 20mins

The Good Mother* (La Madre Buena)
Dir. Sarah Clift (UK/Mexico 2017) 6 min

Disunited States of America II: U.S. Excess

Sunday May 27 14:15
1hr 10min
€10/8.50 concession

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Living beyond our means, exhausting resources, "Greed is Good"..gluttony is better! These shorts are an ode to the worst in our culture. Note to viewer: Coverage may in your opinion contain controversial material, please be forewarned. It is also an honor to present Villeneuve's classic Next Floor (Villeneuve has since directed Arrival, another great commentary on American militarized culture and Blade Runner 2049). - Alexandra Nakelski

The Inksect
Dir. Pablo Calvillo (Mexico 2016) 9 min

Dir. Phyllis Toben Bancroft (USA 2008) 16 min

Next Floor
Dir. Denis Villeneuve (Canada 2008) 11min 34s

Dir. Oguzhan Kaya (Turkey 2017) 3 min 20s

Dir. Jef Taylor (USA 2008) 29 min

Focus on the Netherlands

Filmmakers Attending for Q & A: Zaïde Bil and Abigail Prade! Sebastien Segers,  Vincent Plu, Anne Meijer;  Moos Kwist; Bogi Bakker, Jip Roemaat, Rieks Bolhuis

Sunday May 27 14:30
1hr 30min Q & A to follow!
€8/5 concession Buy Tickets

The Manifesto Film Festival, formerly the Norwich Radical Film Festival, left England for a reason...and we are sure glad of our decision, our new host country has been so welcoming in its artistic vision and openness to new ideas. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some national films and filmmakers of this wonderful country!

Dir. Jip Roemaat (Netherlands 2018) 16 min


Dir. Vincent Plu (Netherlands, 2017)

The Woman Weighing Gold
Dir. Jacques Loeuille (France/Netherlands 2017) 20 min

Dir. Zaïde Bil (Belgium/Netherlands 2017) 10 min

Future Perfect
Dir. Abigail Prade (Netherlands/Korea 2017) 13 min

Wanting to be Loved

Sunday May 27 15:00
1hr 35min
Cinema of the Dam'd at 301 Overtoom
€8/5 concession Buy Tickets

The age old human need that doesn't discriminate...sadly something that feels so good to give and receive, seems to be in short supply these days.

The Blue Fish
Dir. Aram Vidal (Mexico/Cuba 2017) 28 min

Hide and Seek
Dir. Beno Gabor Baranyi (Hungary 2017) 14min 11s

The Brewer
Dir. Jiajing Bao (China/Taiwan 2017) 30mins

Into the Blue*
Dir. Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic (Croatia / Slovenia / Sweden 2017) 22min 8s

Disunited States of America III: Symptoms of Trump

FREE Screening
Sunday May 27 16:00

Our generous hosts at the CREA requested Trump stuff. Here are a few to make you either laugh or shrug! Two of our shorts are directed by the genius Bjørn Melhus.

In his works Bjørn Melhus focuses on general global ideas and themes and the direct effects they have on people. Many works find their inspiration from the tension between freedom and violence or repression

Freedom & Independence
Dir. Bjørn Melhus (Germany 2014) 15 min

Dir. Jason Petrovitch (USA 2016) 3min 20secs

M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide)
Dir. Alejandro Damiani (Uruguay/Mexico 2016) 6min

Yank Tug Yank
Dir. Maureen Zent (USA 2017) 3min 9sec

The Good Mother* (La Madre Buena)
Dir. Sarah Clift (UK/Mexico 2017)

America Sells
Dir. Bjørn Melhus (Germany 1990) 7 min

Animation Shorts

Sunday May 27 17:45
1hr 8min
€9/7.50 concession

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Beautiful imaginative animation from all around the world...always a highlight at a festival. A treat for the mind and the eyes.

And The Moon Stands Still
Dir. Yulia Ruditskaya (Belarus, Germany, USA 2017) 11 min

Dir. Alexandra Castellanos Solís (Mexico 2016) 8 min

Waves '98
Dir. Ely Dagher (Lebanon 2015) 15 min

The Inksect
Dir. Pablo Calvillo (Mexico 2016) 9 min

Dir. Antonis Doussias, Aris Fatouros (Greece 2016) 11 min

Dir. Sofía Carrillo (Mexico 2017) 13 min

Dir. Roberto Grasso & Sara Irace (Italy 2017) 6min 39secs

Little Fiel*
Dir. Irina Patkanian (Mozambique, United States 2017) 15min

Examining Ethnology

Sunday May 27 16:30
1hr 5min (with  Q & A 1hr 30 min)
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You will definitely discover something about these cultures that you were not familiar with before...guaranteed!

Come participate in an enlightening Q and A with filmmaker Vera Sinha in attendance!

Inner Me
Dir. Antonio Spanò (Italy/ Democratic Republic of the Congo 2016) 30 min

Dir. Sil van Der Woerd/Jorik Dozy (Indonesia/UK 2017) 5min 6 sec

Time in Culture
Dir. Vera Sinha (UK/Brazil 2018) 30 min

Identities in Flux

Filmmaker Hyun Lories in attendance for Q & A!
Sunday May 27 15:45
1hr 23min
De Balie
€10/8.50 concession

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Societal...national...familial...individual, we each wear many hats when it comes to identity, and while at the basic core we may stay the same, we are constantly evolving and negotiating how to feel comfortable in our own skin even if others tell us to behave otherwise.

The Cherry Tree
Dir. Matthieu Boivineau (France 2017) 26 min 27s

Where the Roses Grow Blue
Dir. Samuel Siegel (UK 2017) 8min

Calamity *
Dir. Séverine De Streyker, Maxime Feyers (Belgium 2017) 20 min

Mrs. McCutcheon*
Dir. John Sheedy (Australia 2017) 17min

Behind the Walls*
Dir. Hyun Lories (Belgium 2016) 11 min

Experimental Shorts II

Sunday May 27 19:45
€5/Cash at the door Buy Tickets

More amazing explorations of non-narrative film.

The Expedition
Dir. Damon Mohl (UK 2016) 17min 28s

Empyrean 6:30
Dir. kalpana subramanian (USA 2016)

Tiger (Joon Moon)
Dir. Jethro Massey (France 2017) 4 min

It's like a music video from 1998!

Structures of Nature
Dir. Martin Gerigk (Germany 2017) 18 min 39s

"The Placeless Place" 2016
Dir. Ati Maier (USA 2016) 10 min 28s