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Sci-Fi, Thriller


Ingenium feature film screening + Q&A w/ director Steffen Hacker.

Felicitas has been different ever since she was a child and best friend, Natascha, shared similar mental irregularities. Now as adults, Felicitas doesn't know if her nightmares are taking over or if something bigger at large is trying to control her - and the only way to find out the truth is to consult Natascha who has since been locked up in an asylum. An interesting flick tapping into thematic temporal shifts, déjà vu and telekinesis.


Dir. Steffen Hacker
Germany 2018
1hr 27min
Science fiction/Thriller/Action
Sunday, May 27 21:00
€10/8 concession

Last year Germany wowed us with the surreal psychological thriller Sibylle and I have got to hand it to German filmmakers...they are experts in capturing atmosphere...ever since the Expressionist movement of the Weimar Republic. Ingenium is a big budget thriller that is well crafted and again plays with the themes of what is real or what is madness as Sibylle did. These allegorical motifs reflect an ever stretching of the human psyche in negotiating the digital realm and society's constructs of what is "real" compared to what our inner truths may contest. - Alexandra Nakelski