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House Without Roof – Opening Night Selection

House Without Roof is about the journey of the siblings Liya, Jan and Alan who were born in the Kurdish area of the Iraq and grew up in Germany. The three of them want to fulfill their mother's last wish to bury her in her home village beside her husband who got killed in the war under the Saddam Hussein regime. On their nerve-wracking Kurdish-odyssey they are not only faced with their extended family that does not accept the last wish of their mother, but particularly with their own matters. In recent years they distanced from each other as a matter of individual survival. - Each has a significantly different life - and whenever they are speaking, it is reproachful. In parallel during the course of their journey, it is noticeable that in their home country the dimension of an awful conflict, is heading for disaster.

House Without Roof

Actor Murat Seven in Attendance!
Dir. Soleen Yusef (Germany/Kurdistan 2016)
2 Hours
Friday May 25
‎€20 includes reception following the film

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This film is exactly what our festival is about. Multi-tiered meaning on so many levels. On a macro level, this film really elucidates the modern Kurdish culture and their struggle for identity and battles they face collectively in Iraq and surrounding areas. Yusef brilliantly takes this conflict and transposes it on a micro level with the three siblings whom the plot revolves around. Many films can do this successfully, but it is difficult to also have a genuine story and sincere performances.

Often in my writing about film, I emphasize the universality of essence that transcends borders, culture and time. The delicate nuances of the two brothers and sister's relationship with each other and with themselves resonates no matter who the audience is. And this phenomenon connects us in a way politics never will. This is also just a basic, wonderful road trip film...a literal and metaphorical journey that captures the magic of these types of trips where introspection is fostered by the liberation of the open road. - Alexandra Nakelski

Actor Murat Seven in Attendance!