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Manifesto Film Festival Programs

May 28 - Selected Features and Shorts

Community Shorts

Monday May 28 13:00
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Grassroots...often seen as a futile attempt in a barrage of global forces but we here at Manifesto see it as the basic definition: A grassroots movement is one which uses the people in a given district, region, or community as the basis for a political or economic movement. It all has to start somewhere and kudos to those who know that a little difference locally does eventually impact everyone universally. - Alexandra Nakelski

Proper Milk
Dir. Mark Hannant (UK 2016) 19min 45secs

I Paint, I Protest: Mary Perry Stone
Dir. Ramie Streng (USA 2016) 8min

Tierra Virgen / Virgin Land*
Dir. Giovanni Aloi (Italy, Peru, 2016) 14min

Revolution Fights, round and round, circles break
Dir. Helen Wells (UK 2017) 12min 45s

PAU - Feeding my soul
Dir. Julia Hombach & Marina Fehlau (Germany 2017) 3min 50secs

Another Brick in the Wall- Shorts

Monday May 28 14:15
1hr 17min
€5/Students/Badge Holders Free

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Building Walls and not bridges seems to be a current international trend. Because of increasing global movement the fear of the Other countries scramble to keep them out. Walls are autonomous, not merely structures. The symbolize fear. But more often than not...that they keep the people IN can be more frightening than keeping people OUT! These walls affect mobility and freedom for everyone involved. Reagan wanted to tear down the Berlin Wall...and now the US is preoccupied with building an impossible 2000-mile structure. We have more and more digital methods to reach foreign places; will we all become confined physically in exchange? - Alexandra Nakelski

Dir. Lorenz Piehl (Germany, 2017) 15 min

The Wall: A Donald Trump Rally
Dir. Heather Rosenblum (USA 2016) 14 min

M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide)
Dir. Alejandro Damiani (Uruguay/Mexico 2016) 6 min

El Dia De La Virgen
Dir. Louise Heem (France, 2016) 25 min

The Wall Within
Dir. Juan Manuel Ramírez (Mexico/USA 2017) 18 min

Where Do You Belong?

Monday May 28 14:30
1hr 33min
€8/5 concession

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When you move to another city, another country...are you "from" where you originally were? Or where you presently are? Increased mobility in the last century has shifted demographics greatly and along with that, cultures. Senses of community have altered with the advent of social can keep in touch with a high school friend that decades ago you would have never seen again after you moved. This has both positive and negative ramifications. Sometimes you may be so stuck in the neglect to notice the new things to be discovered right under your nose. The anchor or the past prevents you to forge ahead. Quite frequently employment in the global economy, perpetually in flux, requires us to live where the work is. The constant re-rooting of our temporal identity, no matter the circumstance, begs the question...Where do you belong?

Into the Blue*
Dir. Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic (Croatia / Slovenia / Sweden 2017) 22min 8s

Two Whales (Dos Ballenas)*
Dir. Diego Cruz Cilveti (Mexico 2017) 15 min

Le Grand Remix
Dir. Austin Alward (USA 2018) 17 min

"The Placeless Place" 2016
Dir. Ati Maier (USA 2016) 10 min 28s

Dir. Loukianos Moshonas (Greece/France 2016) 28 min

The Rat Race

Go to school/get good grades/graduate...job guaranteed...or so we were told was how it should be. Sold the bill of goods that life in Western capitalistic systems must be this way:

Wake up/ commute to work/deal with aggravation/commute home/ rinse ...repeat...maybe get a pension in 30 years.

Is this the Western dream? Is this making it big or merely existing "comfortably" until we retire on a measly income only to look back and wonder where all the years went? Settling for jobs we hate knowing the scarcity makes our very employment expendable. Chasing our tales on the hamster wheel of making our bosses money, as taxes seem to get more and more exorbitant...where does it end? Is there any relief? The Rat Race train of the last 40 years is about to derail and deservingly so. - Alexandra Nakelski

Rat Race Shorts
Monday May 28 15:45
1hr 22min
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May Day
Dir. Fedrik De Beul, Olivier Magis (Belgium 2017) 22min

Damn It!
Dir. Anthony Andriot (France 2017) 9min 28s

The Interview
Dir. Marc Gurung (France, 2016)17 min 38s

Dir. Amanda Öman (UK 2017) 4min 47s

End Of Recent Past/ Fin Do Pasado Recente
Dir. Salvador Pardo (Spain, 2018) 28 min

Dir. Laura Nasmyth/ Philip Leitner (Austria 2017)
Monday May 28 14:15
1hr 10min
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The Receptionist
Dir. Jenny Lu (UK, Taiwan, 2016)
Sunday May 27 17:00
1 hr 40 min
De Uitkijk

The Color of Your Skin

Monday May 28 16:30
1hr 28min
€8/5 concession

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Cinema is such a great forum for subjects that are otherwise difficult to have conversations about.

They Charge For the Sun*
Dir. Terence Nance (USA 2017) 17 min

Les Misérables
Dir. Ladj Ly (France 2017) 16 min

French (Le Bleu Blanc Rouge de mes Cheveux)*
Dir. Josza Anjembe (France 2017) 20mins

American Paradise*
Dir. Joe Talbot (USA 2017) 18 min

Dir. David Moya (UK 2017) 15min

Disunited States of America I: The Struggle is Real

Monday May 28 16:45
1hr 15min
De Balie
€9/7.50 concession

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It is difficult to stay "united" when your country is an amalgamation of all cultures of the world...different insights, opinions, ways of life...what is the common ground?

Perhaps one could argue that it is the US strive for more, the people's perseverance that is common we just have to acknowledge it as a characteristic that unites us. - Alexandra Nakelski

The Curse and the Jubilee
Dir. Ivete Lucas (USA 2011) 26 min

The Curious End to the War Against Ourselves
Dir. Andrew Purchin/Michael Reinhold (USA 2017) 7 min

Swimming in the Desert*
Dir. Alvaro Ron (USA 2016) 18 min

The Apocalypse Will Blossom
Dir. Courtney Jines (USA 2017) 5 min

American Paradise*
Dir. Joe Talbot (USA 2017) 18 min

What Women Want

Monday May 28 17:00
1hr 25min
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These shorts exemplify a few of the many multifaceted qualities of womankind. Strength, silliness, physical desire, to serve (or not serve) in the military, to transcend religious mores, to defy national policy, to express inner greatness, or to just be heard.

P.S. - Just recognized after I programmed these shorts that I know three of the directors! Through all of my adventures (and misadventures!) I am so grateful to have met so many amazing females making great cinema in a very male dominated system...never complaining but blazing their own trail of storytelling that resonates. Their real life stories are just as compelling as the subjects in their films! That innovation translates on screen every time and is an inspiration for me to keep programming the good fight! - Alexandra Nakelski

Dir. Molly Stuart (USA 2017) 16mins

Battalion to the Beat*
Dir. Eimi Imanishi (USA/Algeria/Western Sahara) 14 min

The Creation Myth
Dir. Satinder Kaur (USA 2017) 5min 15s

Semillas de Guaumúchil* (Guamuchil Seeds)
Dir. Carolina Corral (Mexico 2016) 17 min

All My Dead
Dir. Astra Zoldnere (Latvia 2014) 14min

Bride of Frankie
Dir. Devi Snively (USA 2017) 19 min

Strange Days Program

Monday May 28 21:00
1hr 24min
€5 at the door

Temporal and Visceral oddities in a postmodern age can obfuscate what is real and what is not. This collection of shorts attest to the Strange Days that are among us and those to soon be lived.

Dir. Lorenz Piehl (Germany, 2017) 15 min

Adam Minus Eve
Dir. Aurélia Mengin (France, 2015) 26 min

Dir. Daniel Rodríguez Palacios (Galician Spain 2018) 4min Animation

We Are Going Into the Woods
Dir. Arnaud Bigeard (France 2016) 17min 18s

Up and Arise
Dir. Raanan Berger (Israel 2016) 21mins 30s