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Manifesto Film Festival Programs

May 26 - Selected Features and Shorts


Saturday May 26 14:15
Part of Dystopian Quadrilogy II
1hr 15min
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Dystopia or Utopia?
Which will it be? One seems more interesting than the other...something to struggle against. Wouldn’t perfection become stagnant and our human spirit would cease to grow if there was nothing to strive for?

Event Horizon*
Dir. Joséfa Celestin (UK 2016) 11 min

7 Planets
Dir. Milda Baginskaite (UK 2018) 6 min 7s

Crónica Marciana/ Martian Chronicle*
Dir. Silvana Lázaro (Mexico 2017) 12 min

Light Age*
Dir. Guðmundur Garðarsson (Iceland 2017) 13 min

The Inksect*
Dir. Pablo Calvillo (Mexico 2016) 9 min

Dir. Christopher Angus (Canada 2018) 7 min

They Charge For the Sun*
Dir. Terence Nance (USA 2017) 17 min

"Smart" Phones

Saturday May 26 16:00
Part of Dystopian Quadrilogy II
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I think I am the only person in existence without a smart least in 20/30 years I will have a neck that is upright and straight thumbs! - Alexandra Nakelski

Dir. Alfonso García (Spain 2016) 6min 30s

Smart Card
Dir. James Oxford (USA 2005) 15 min

Too Young
Dir. Chris Ullens (UK 2016) 3min 9s

Dream Phone
Dir. Kendra Lohr (USA 2017) 3min 43s

Fomo Sapiens
Dir. Viktor Hertz (Sweden 2016) 7min 15s

Rumbo (The Way)
Dir. Augusto Goicoechea Corbo (Uruguay 2017) 3 min

Sweet Candy
Dir. Yilmaz Vurucu (Austria 2017) 16 min

The Singularity

Saturday May 26 17:30
Part of Dystopian Quadrilogy II
1hr 10min
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People reduced to binary codes...are we already but a program within a program?

Real Artists
Dir. Cameo Wood (USA 2017) 12min

Dir. Karim Azimi (Iran 2016) 10min

The Box
Dir. Aris Deligiannidis (Greece 2017) 13 min

I Want Pluto to the a Planet Again
Dir. Marie Amachoukeli (France 2017) 13 min

Dir. Kirsten Cho (USA 2017) 4 min

A Real Family (Una Familia De Verdad)
Dir. Israel Medrano Pérez (Spain 2017) 17 min

Recording Reality: Living on the Internet

Saturday May 26 19:00
Part of Dystopian Quadrilogy II
1hr 10min
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Sadly to some, things are not "real" unless they are recorded and seen by others. Images of life are part of our collective global culture...but is there editorialship anymore? How many images are too many images?

Dir. Jannis Lenz (Germany 2017) 30 min

Disintegration 93-96
Dir. Miko Revereza (United States/Philippines 2017) 5 min 23s

Dir. Loïc Barché (France 2016) 18 min 6s

You See Me
Dir. Victor Jim Moye-Noza (Austria 2017) 16 min 26s

Children's Corner

Saturday May 26 13:00
1hr 4min
Adults €8/ kids 18-12 €5 / under 12 FREE

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We are happy to introduce our Children’s Program because the love of cinema starts at an early age!

The Fawn
Dir. Jennida Chase/Hassan Pitts (USA 2017) 8min 15s

Dir. Pablo Briones (Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Switzerland 2016) 11 min

Dir. Sara Seligman (USA/ Mexico 2017 ) 12 min

Get Up Kinshasa!*
Dir. Sébastien Maitre (France, the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2016) 21 min

Odd is an Egg
Dir. Kristin Ulseth (Norway 2016) 12 min

Silly Stuff Comedy Program

Saturday May 26 10:00
Cinema of the Dam'd at 301 Overtoom
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We definitely have Manifestos and vision for world change...but laughter and humor is always a great tool to bring people together!

How It Feels to Be Hungover
Dir. Viktor Hertz (Sweden 2018) 10 min

In the family circle
Dir. Vladimir Bayandin (Russian Federation 2017) 7 min

RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin
Dir. Rene Nuijens (Netherlands/Serbia 2017) 10 min

We are the Freak Show
Dir. Marie-Hélène Viens, Philippe Lupien (Canada 2017) 10 min

Dir. Alexander Lony (Germany 2016) 3mins 45secs

I Did It In Cancun*
Dir. Matthieu Moerlen (France 2017) 20:28

Us and Them

Saturday May 26 11:30
1hr 16min
€8/5 concession

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Cinema of the Dam'd at 301 Overtoom

Without noticing it, I had programmed two films having to do with Islam and Christianity solidarity and two films about police forces abusing their power...I wonder what the subliminal connection may be?...perhaps my subconscious is in tune with two very current concerns in the global zeitgeist? - Alexandra Nakelski

Les Misérables
Dir. Ladj Ly (France 2017) 16 min

Watu Wote (All of Us)*
Dir. Katja Benrath (Germany/Kenya 2017) 22 min

Us and Them
Dir. Yordi Capo (Mexico 2017) 18 min

The Deluge
Dir. Mazin M Sherabayani (Iraq/UK 2017) 20 min

LA LA Land

I have a complete unabashed self-indulgence for this city. Anyone and everyone who meets me discovers within the first 5 minutes my connection to LA. Like me, the city is a living paradox full of contradictions. It is the source of both great sorrow and enlightenment. It provides joy while simultaneously can eat your soul. This place built on illusions is the most real to me... an observer's paradise. A place that I love more than anywhere else in the world, yet impossible for me to live. A location with no "history" in a perpetual flux of reinvention. You can be anyone you want to be, the anonymity is dizzying liberation. A city where dreams come true daily while others live out their worst nightmares. The color of the twilight sky is like no other in the world and it is no wonder this is the film capital...the diffused light during the gloaming hour provides eternal contemplative bliss. In the words of the great Randy Newman..."I Love L.A."! This compilation is nowhere near a complete survey of images and themes of the second largest city in the US and entertainment capital of the is a launching point for discussion and also a valentine. I invite you to learn a bit more about LA through these films and I look forward to meeting anyone who would like to chat more! - Alexandra Nakelski

Shorts Program:
Saturday May 26 12:00
1hr 40min
LAB 111/LAB2 Theater
€8/5 concession

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Dir. Phyllis Toben Bancroft (USA 2008) 16 min

Occupy Los Angeles
Dir. Henk Conn (USA 2017) 29 min

What Happened to Her
Dir. Kristy Guevara-Flanagan (USA, 2016) 15 min.

Dir. by Pat O'Malley (USA 2018) 13 min •

The Troll
Dir. Van Maximilian Carlson (USA 2013) 25 min 22s

Dir. Jimmy Weber (USA 2014)
Friday May 25 15:00
1 hr 32min
Cinema of the Dam'd at Overtoom
€8 / €5 students/seniors Buy Tickets

Strange Days
Dir. Kathryn Bigelow (USA 1995)
Opening Night Film/Retrospective/with Special Guest
Friday May 25 21:15
After-party reception to follow film
€20/15 concession

European "Union"?

Filmmaker Tommy Conlon in Attendance!

Saturday May 26 14:00
1hr 12min (with Q & A 1hr 30min)
LAB 111/LAB2
€8/5 concession

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Yes the Disunited States of America are indeed under scrutiny this season, but it would be unfair to leave out the EU!

How to Make Finland Great Again
Dir. Jarno Harju (Finland 2017) 19mins 11secs

Breathing Still
Dir. Jill Daniels (UK 2018) 9mins
Short Documentary

Minus One
Dir. Natassa Xydi (Greece 2016) 17 min

Emily Must Wait
Dir. Christian Wittmoser (Germany 2016) 12 min

The Sons of Robert Schuman
Dir. Tommy Conlon (Ireland 2015) 17min

A Little Bit of History

With filmmaker Tommy Conlon in attendance!
Saturday May 26 15:30
1hr 11min (1hr 30min with Q & A)
LAB111/Lab 2
€8/5 concession

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Sometime artistic license gives history a more vibrant color. Here are some events you may not be familiar with but are worth further research.

Austerity Britain: Grenfell
Dir. Ryan Chapman (UK 2017) 9 min

Beneath the Wide Wide Heaven
Dir. Hisham Bizri (USA 2016) 15 min

Dir. Marcin Gizycki (Poland 2016) 2min 30s

Big Man
Dir. Michelle Stewart/Peter Stewart (South Africa 2016) 11 min

Across Long River
Dir. Irene Jiang (USA 2017) 11mins 15secs

Dir. Onur Atalay Şenol (Turkey 2017) 4mins 17secs

Play it Again Son!
Dir. Tommy Conlon (Ireland 2014) 19 min

Home Invasion

Filmmaker Alan Deprez in Attendance!
Saturday May 26 17:00
1hr 13min (1hr 30min with Q & A)

8 euro/ 5 concession

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Many factors can disrupt our sanctuaries, our equilibrium...Our homes are no longer sacred spaces.

Save Me!
Dir. Mohsen Nabavi (Iran 2017)10min 22s

Birdcage (Pajarera)
Dir. FabiÁn DÍaz (argentina 2017) 8 min

Calamity *
Dir. Séverine De Streyker, Maxime Feyers (Belgium 2017) 20 min

A New Home*
Dir. Ziga Virc (Slovenia 2016) 14 min

Cruel is the Night
Dir. Alan Deprez (Belgium 2016) 21 min

Living on the Edge

Saturday May 26 19:00
1hr 15min
€8/5 concession

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Whether on the edge of society, the edge of time, the edge of religion, the edge of civil war, or just on the edge of life...many people don’t quite fit in, and have to make their own way to survive. Perseverance and the quest for redemption are testament to humanity's resilience.

Written /Unwritten*
Dir. Adrian Silisteanu (Romania 2016) 20 min

Red Crayon
Dir. Charlotte Carroll (UK 2017) 7min

Blueberry Spirits (Melleņu gari)
Dir. Astra Zoldnere (Latvia 2016) 12min

9 Days from my Window in Aleppo
Dir. Floor van der Meulen, Thomas Vroege, Issa Touma (Syria/Netherlands 2016) 13 min

Watu Wote (All of Us)*
Dir. Katja Benrath (Germany/Kenya 2017) 22 min